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Write Santa a Letter, Mad Libs Style

K. Chan

Santa letter written by senior Hosannah Fuller (age 3)

Karmi Chan and Katie Hoskins
December 15, 2011


Instead of stressing about how to compose your letter to Santa, simply fill in the blanks, Mad Libs style!

Your name:
Unit of Time:
Type of Family Member:
Plural Noun:
Famous Movie Star:
Plural Noun:
Plural Noun:
Plural Noun:
Plural Noun:
Your Name:

Dear Santa Claus,
My name is _______________(YOUR NAME). How have you been this year? I know you must be very busy during this holiday season. Please say _______________ (SALUTATION) to your elves and Mrs. Claus. I hope your reindeer are ready to _______________ (VERB) around the world. Please tell them there will be fresh _______________ (NOUN) waiting for them and of course there will be _______________ (FOOD) and _______________ (BEVERAGE) for you at my house. However, this year please try to be quiet when you deliver my presents because it is very important that I get a full _______________ (NUMBER/UNIT OF TIME) of sleep. I have been very _______________ (ADJECTIVE) this year and did not cause any permanent damage to my _______________ (TYPE OF FAMILY MEMBER)…yet. I only want _______________ (NUMBER) things for Christmas so this should be an easy year for you. My first wish is for a _______________ (ANIMAL) that will protect me from Christmas burglars and take me to school because let’s face it, gas is too expensive. I also love _______________ (PLURAL NOUN). These are the best inventions in the world and I want _______________ (NUMBER) of them. I would also like __________________(FAMOUS MOVIE STAR) to show up at my door on Christmas morning and serenade me with _______________ (SONG). Finally, I think that you should bring _______________ (PLURAL NOUN) to the world. I understand these things are hard to come by, but I have faith in you and your _______________ (PLURAL NOUN). If all of these things are too hard to get please make things easier on you and simply send _______________ (PLURAL NOUN). The only thing I don’t want for Christmas is a _______________ (NOUN). I am putting my _______________ (NOUN) in you Santa. Thanks for helping make this the best holiday ever.
Hugs and _______________ (PLURAL NOUN),
_______________ (YOUR NAME)

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